Subliminal Videos

The dynamics of Subliminal’s

Derren puts a subliminal message in a movie theatre to make people forget all they’ve seen there. Great example again of how you can mess with peoples’ mind!

Playing the advertising experts at their own game, Derren Brown explores subliminal thinking!

Mentalist Daniel Harel shows how subliminal messages trick us

As a mentalist planting seeds into peoples minds is all part of the trick to begin influencing people. as mentalist Gilan Gork shows here in this video, as he influences an unsuspecting women in a library. Subliminal influence allows an individual to subconsciously influence your perception by planting seeds of information in your mind. This can be done verbally as you will see throughout this video or even non-verbally through the use of non-verbal communication. In this video Gilan Gork replays the events of the trick with the lady, showing you how he used words like BUZZING and SWEET to subliminally coerce the women to think of the word he had printed out on a piece of paper before her even met her.

Derren Brown explains how ‘Perception Without Awareness’ works. He invites Alice to Hamleys Toy Store to test this theory by getting her to pick out a toy.

Part two in Derren Brown’s ‘The Events’. You’ll be glued to your seat for this one…

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