Subliminal persuasion explained

Subliminal recordings were made possible only by the invention of motion pictures and sound recordings. Subliminal technology and its power to change people can be read in Vance Packard’s book “The Hidden Persuaders.” The book tells the story of what happened when the word’s ‘popcorn’ and drink Coke were inserted into single frames of motion picture film. At 25 frames per second, the messages popped on the screen so briefly they were not even seen by the conscious mind. But, the subconscious mind picked them up. By the time they had flashed on the screen about two dozen times, the impressions they had made on the subconscious caused that part of the mind to send an urgent message to the appetite, You are hungry for popcorn. Before the film was over, most of the audience was munching happily on popcorn and drinking Coke; they had no intention of buying!

Examples of using Subliminal’s

During World War II, tacticians found that pilots and gunners were unable to distinguish the silhouettes of planes seen at a distance. In some instances, pilots and gunners even shot down friendly planes.

To solve this problem, Air Force psychologists developed the tachistoscope, which is simply a machine that flashes words, numbers, or images for varying instants of time on a visible screen. By flashing fairly large pictures of friendly and enemy aircraft at slow speeds, while gradually increasing the exposure speed and decreasing the size of the aircraft image, pilots could be quickly trained to recognize even speck-like representations of different planes when flashed at only 1/100th of a second. In fact, U.S. Navy ship gunners were trained to identify more than 2,000 silhouettes at one sitting without a mistake.

The human brain takes in all the information it needs to build a response from even an image flashed at 1/100th of a second. Keith E. Barenklau at the International Safety Academy, Houston, TX, uses tachistoscopic instruction to teach student drivers to recognize and respond quickly to potential, vehicle-collision situations.

In Time magazine, Sept. 10, 1979, an article ran concerning Secret Voices. The article mentioned that about 50 department stores in the U.S. and Canada have installed a device that commingles the music of Musak system broadcasts with subliminal anti-theft messages (I am honest. I will not steal. If I do steal, I will be caught and sent to jail.).

The words changed slightly now and then, but the basic message remained the same and repeated itself 9,000 times every hour. Professor Hal C. Becker invented the little black box to deliver the technique through speeding up, barely audible messages (2 1/2 times normal speed) in conjunction with the pleasant background music of the department store (see U. S. patent no. 3,278,676 by Hal C. Becker). (Using a Variable Speech Controller (VSC), recorded speech can be speeded up without increasing the pitch and sounding like Donald Duck.)

Results indicated that theft and internal, inventory shrinkage was actually reduced by up to 37% in stores using subliminal messages. Using Becker’s honesty reinforcement and theft deterrent system, one department store company saved more than half a million dollars in only 10 months through cutting shoplifting and employee pilferage. Such success prompted other store chains to order their own secret installations of the system as well.

The Science

The fact that subliminal suggestions can reach the subconscious through audio – as well as through visual stimulation – is a much more recent discovery. Medical students taught by George Lozanov M.D. in Sofia, Bulgaria first tried it. Where it was used to enhance the foreign language vocabulary and increase the mathematical ability of the students.

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The scientific research on subliminal persuasion. In a way, what we consciously see is all there is to see, but all there is to see is much more than what we see. What do we perceive on a subconscious level that we do not see on a conscious level? Since we can perceive more with an attentive expectation mindset, is attentiveness consciousness?

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